Pixel FX N64 Digital

100% Digital HDMI output for your N64 by PixelFX.co

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N64 RGB (TW)

N64 RGB Solution by Tim Worthington

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Region Free 50/60 HZ Kit

Availabilty: ​on stock @BCOBV

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Gamebox 64HD – Digital Video Output Kit

Compatible with all N64 models
Supported Resolutions1080i60 (1920×1080 interlaced)
720p60 (1280×720 progressive, Default Mode)
480p60 (720×480 progressive)
240p60 (1440×240 progressive, use with component converter for PVM/CRT screens)

Scaling ModesInteger 1:1 PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio)
Full Screen non-Linear
Non-integer linear scaling (Default scaling option)
Overscan for All Scaling Modes

VI Deblur
Image Brightness Control
3 Pixel Filter modes
3 Scanline Modes (Simple and Hybrid)
Settings saving
PLEASE READ:This mod outputs the digital video signal directly from the on-board FPGA. 720p mode is compatible with almost all devices we tested, however, 480p and 1080i are auxiliary modes that may have issues on some devices such as audio or graphical glitches.
240p mode is to be used with non-scaling HDMI to component adapters for CRTs and PVMs. Component adapters that have an internal image scaler will present issues with with 240p mode specifically. Component adapter must also support 480i input, 480p support only does not suffice for 240p mode. These compatible converters seem to be in short supply at the moment, but we will post a link here to a suitable converter when a tested and reliable source is found.